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Hearing aids – properly fitted – let you enjoy sounds you may be missing. Talk with Martin at Okanagan Mobile Hearing Services to learn more!

Hearing Precision: Right at Home!

Thanks to advances in technology it’s possible to have your hearing assessed, your hearing mobile service for hearing aids at homeinstruments adjusted, and any hearing related questions answered in the comfort of your own home!

Martin Sattler, RHIP, BC-HIS* brings the latest technology in the hearing field right to your door. With a warm, personable manner, Martin can determine your exact needs and help you through the often complicated process of finding the correct hearing solution.

* Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner, Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences

Hearing aids make life enjoyable again!

Personalized Hearing Service at Home

A simple, straightforward hearing aid consultation in the comfort of your own home environment. That’s what Okanagan Mobile Hearing Services Inc. promises. Martin Sattler, RHIP, BC-HIS, comes to your home, assesses your hearing using the latest technology and makes recommendations to help you hear more clearly. It’s a service designed so you can rest easy and know your hearing needs are taken care of!
Thorough testing before hearing aids are fitted

Hearing Assessment

Advances in technology make it possible for hearing instrument practitioners to assess your hearing in the comfort of your own home. No need to visit an office and sit in a sound-proof booth any more. You can have your hearing tested accurately at home with properly calibrated equipment. Find out if you need hearing aids without having to go into an office or a store. Not only that, but Okanagan Mobile Hearing Services takes into account the day-to-day sounds in your home. Fine tuning for comfort and overall success can be done with greater ease and precision.
different styles of hearing aids for different needs

Hearing Aids

If you’re suffering from hearing loss, high quality hearing instruments can help you hear sounds more crisply and clearly. Conversations become possible again and you’ll find yourself able to understand much more of what’s being said. The right hearing aid makes all the difference. That’s where Martin’s expertise really shines. After a thorough assessment, he’ll fit you with exactly what you need for improved hearing and a more comfortable, precise listening experience.

Why Okanagan Mobile Hearing Services?

  • You’re in the comfort of your own home – and in control of the entire process! It’s not just about the hearing assessment – it’s all about the follow-up and attention to detail Martin provides!
  • You can have your hearing assessed in your normal environment where Martin can see what’s important to YOU and how it effects your overall comfort and satisfaction
  • You may want to involve family members: After all, it’s important to them that you hear as well as possible too!
  •  Martin is prompt, courteous and fully engaged in the process of helping you hear (and understand) more clearly!
  • Martin’s attention to detail means your total satisfaction. You won’t just get a “box full of stuff” and be left to figure it out on you own. Martin will help you with installation of any accessories and explain how everything works so you’re completely happy with your decision.

One of the problems with audiological testing is the sound booths and bulky testing equipment. Manufacturers recognized the need for in-home hearing assessments for a certain percentage of the population who aren’t able to go to a conventional clinic. This new wave of portable testing equipment helps those who can’t get out but are suffering from hearing limitation. New digital technology allows for precise testing in the home without ever having to step inside a sound booth. Okanagan Mobile Hearing Services is the first to offer this comprehensive service in the Kelowna region. Hearing aids which are programmed for your listening needs will help you enjoy life to the fullest!

I so appreciate Martin’s in home service. His home visits made the daunting idea of wearing hearing aids so much easier. Being in the comfort of my own home while being tested, fitted etc made it so convenient for me. Martin was there for me through those first weeks of getting used to them. His thoroughness, patience and gentle persuasion not to give up got me through, so that now I don’t even know I have them on! I can hear and don’t have to keep asking people to please repeat what they have said to me!! Forever Grateful. Fran H.

Kelowna, BC

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Hearing Precision: Right at Home

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Martin is very caring and meticulous in providing hear aid solutions. He goes above and beyond to ensure the hearing aids do what they need to do.

David B.

Kelowna, BC

Martin was able to fit me with a new style of aid which has provided me with a level of hearing which I have yet to experience in my life. Besides the audio compensation they provide a level of comfort which for goes any aids which I have tried. Len A.

Kelowna, BC

Martin did a great job helping me hear better. He came to our home. His prices were reasonable. I trust and recommend Martin.
Helen B.

Kelowna, BC