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 Okanagan Mobile Hearing Services addresses the need for hearing assistance by meeting the patient in their own environment. By taking the “house call” approach, patients feel more comfortable with the process – from hearing assessment through to prescribing the right hearing instrument for them. Okanagan Mobile Hearing Services will meet patients in residential care homes, retirement resorts and private residences.

*Financial Assistance May Be Available – certain government services offer financial support for the purchase of  hearing instruments. Not everyone qualifies.


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Hearing Self Assessment:
How many of these statements apply to you – or your loved one?

Hearing loss can be gradual. You may not even notice that you don’t hear as well as you used to. Use this quick checklist to see if you need to speak with a Hearing Healthcare Professional for further assistance. If you’re doing this assessment on behalf of a loved one, you may understand their frustration a little better.



Hearing Better is About FEELING Better!

The responses you get will give you some indication of how your loved one FEELS about their situation. They may not be sharing how they feel due to embarrassment, worry about feeling old or fear of being lonely.

But what they really want is to be able to join in the conversation at the dinner table again.

Laugh at their grandkid’s funny stories.

Hold an intelligent discussion in a noisy room.

In short, to return to FEELING better about themselves.

And, while a hearing test is the FIRST STEP, it’s only a step in the process to better hearing.

If your loved one has trouble hearing – and wants to avoid the hassle of  an appointment at a store where you boxed in by the fixed appointment time to discuss your problem before the next patient – Okanagan Mobile Hearing Services is perfect! You won’t be stuck in a waiting room either! Most importantly, you are in complete control of the process.


Help them regain a sense of independence with hearing instruments that are ideally suited to their particular needs

Now that you’ve spoken with your loved one about the above statements, it’s time to take the next step…

Invite Okanagan Mobile Hearing Solutions to work with your loved one – in the comfort and safety of their own environment. From a client-centered needs assessment to proper diagnostic evaluation and satisfying hearing outcomes, Martin takes the time to make sure your loved one’s needs are met.

Book an appointment today. Appointment hours are flexible – designed to work around your schedule.

Watch your loved one regain their love for life again! It’s *almost* miraculous.

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