“Effective April 1, 2015, clients will no longer need to contact the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation (ministry) to request hearing instruments. This includes; hearing aids, bone anchored hearing aids, cochlear implants, new requests, repairs, and replacements.

This change allows eligible clients to access services directly with their hearing instrument service provider, and removes the need for individuals and service providers to contact or submit documentation to the ministry.

To request hearing instruments clients can now work directly with a hearing instrument service provider. Clients only need to provide their Personal Health Number (PHN/Care Card) to their hearing instrument service provider as individuals do now when accessing dental, orthodontic, and optical services to verify their eligibility for coverage.” -gov.bc.ca

If after a hearing consultation you are wondering if funding is available we can check very easily. Feel free to reach out to me directly.

Help spread the word by sharing this post. This improved process pertains to individuals as outlined in the second link below as well as the communities of people around them. Stay tuned for further good news posts in this series regarding hearing healthcare.

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